Referral Links

Please note that all the links on THIS page are referral links— not affiliate links. They operate a bit differently. I’ve disclosed what I receive for each link used below so that you know and can use my links with full awareness! Thank you, in advance, to anyone who chooses to use my links. 💜

ThredUP A fantastic online consignment shop for clothing! It works like a typical consignment shop; you can send your clothes into them to be sold (which must pass certain criteria) or donated, and you can buy clothes, as well! There’s everything from designer brands to generic brands, and you can search by size, color, etc. I looove ThredUP!
My disclosure: Using my link, you get free shipping and a percentage off (it can vary depending on the offer they have going at the time), and I get a $40 credit to clothe myself and my tiny hobgoblins (a.k.a my children).

PlanToEat This is a meal-planning tool that I use and HIGHLY recommend. Using this has been the only way I’ve been able to successfully meal-plan as someone with severe ADHD and neurological issues (I have crap memory because of these), because it holds recipes for you, automatically adds recipes’ ingredients to your shopping list, and allows you to plan flexibly. They have apps or you can use it on your computer. It’s free to use for most features, but I pay for the full version because I love it and, honestly, I rely on it at this point.
My disclosure: Using my link, you get 20% off of an annual subscription and I get a 20% commission.