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Riven Harlow, the GoBo Witch

I’m Riv! A genderfluid homemaker and freelancer. From reflections and thoughts to working witchcraft into my day-to-day life, I’m writing about… Well, basically, my life!

Products & Services

Tarot Readings

I offer tarot reading personalized to YOU. I don’t give blanket statements or offer quick one-card draws. I like to sit down and have a conversation with you to understand the nuances of your situation.

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Custom Spellwork

In addition to my spell workbook on Etsy, I offer custom spells. Please note that I do NOT perform spells that affect third-party people; e.g., I will not perform love spells or hexes.

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Printables + eBooks

You can my my grimoire printable packs, printable artwork, printable coloring packs, and eBooks in my shop.

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Witchcraft Supplies

I sell handmade candles, spell jars, high-quality art prints, crystals, and more, as available. I do my best to source ethically and sustainably, and put an emphasis on sustainability products in how I run my business, as well.

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Video Classes

I have pre-recorded classes over on my YouTube channel! They cover the basics, such as sabbats/esbats and correspondences, and I offer free printables as ‘homework’ for each class!

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If you’re a new witch, I offer mentorship on an individual/case-by-case basis. Acceptance into my mentorship depends on how well we seem to mesh in our conversations, and whether or not I feel my style of folk witchcraft is right for what you’re wanting out of your craft.

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I’m always looking for feedback and ways I can improve your experience as a reader. Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Contact me, and let’s get them fixed!